About Us

What is Panda Electronics?

Panda Electronics is your support for every Tech Project. Basically, it is an online store that offers you cool, amazing and state of the art electronic devices/components for your next project/ground breaking discovery. Check out our products in the products section of the website. New range of products are available every other week. Start working on your Tech project today!

What is our Vision?

Tech enthusiasts amaze us. We aim to be that friendly hand which relieves you of your electronics parts procurement problem for you project. We got you covered. Now, start Innovating like a boss!!!


Behind the scene:

There is no shortage of talent in our country, but shortage of electronic device is always an unresolved question, which demoralizes thousands of enthusiastic individuals. If this shortcoming could have managed somehow, the practice of research must have been geared up and we believed that this task will not be so tough.

From this motivation, we took the responsibility of enduring all hap hazards faced in case of collecting electronic devices, and time has come to claim our success to that commitment. Now, you can buy any device which was almost impossible for you just a few days ago.


Meet The PandaS

Mirza Kamrul Bashar Shuhan
Chief Technology Officer
Once somebody asked me, "What drives you?" I said, "Passion"
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Azizul Haque Imon
Chief Executive Officer
Business is in my blood.
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Syed Md Hasnayeen
Chief Sales Officer
Time flies like an arrow and I am Flash.
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Din Mohammod Obaydul Shobuj
Chief Revenue Officer
don't be frustrated anywhere any time, just wait and work.
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Umme Sumaya Jannat
Chief Marketing Officer
Actually I am the smol panda.